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levko lukyanenko graffiti Dnipro

Graffiti as a special kind of art. This is what the city authorities are dissatisfied with and what may end up in a museum. Graffiti in Dnipro city, as in any other city, is not just the “rock art” of troubled teens, but a real reflection of the current time and the thinking not only of the authors, but of society as a whole.

In this selection I have collected graffiti on the walls of buildings in Dnipro. There are both old and new drawings.

Levko Lukyanenko in Spikizi

In April 2023, this vivid drawing appeared on the wall of a Spikizi restaurant. It depicts what the city and the country have been in for the past year: war.

levko lukyanenko graffiti Dnipro

You can find this beauty at the Spikizi restaurant in Dnipro.

Library on Slobozhansky Ave.

Graffiti The Library on Slobozhanskyi Avenue Dnipro

Guli Koroleva’s flowers

Bright flowers above the cafeteria appeared in the spring of 2023. In the past, the house at 5 Guli Koroleva Street used to have a welding equipment store, a pharmacy and a grocery store. Now the neighborhood is being actively renovated and the old five-storey buildings have not been spared.

Graffiti in Dnipro Guli Koroleva Street, 5

Shevchenko on Slobozhansky Avenue

Graffiti with colored Taras Shevchenko and his quotes appeared on Slobozhansky Avenue on March 9, 2019, just on the birthday of Kobzar.

Earlier on this concrete slab for a very long time was the logo and slogan of the Dnipro soccer team (if you look closely you can still see it) and at one point another graffiti appeared.

Shevchenko's graffiti in Dnipro

This picture is regularly updated – the colors become brighter and the slogans clearer.

The graffiti with Taras Shevchenko is located in Dnipro at the intersection of Slobozhanskyi Avenue and Kashtanova Street.


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