Tabacariei – lake and park in Constanta

Tabakeria Park in Constanta

“Tabacariei” (Tabacariei) is a lake and park in the city of Constanta, Romania. It is one of the most popular places for recreation among locals and tourists.

The park around the lake is full of activities: there are paths for walking, playgrounds for children, picnic areas, and sports facilities for outdoor activities.

Lake Tabakeria is perfect for quiet time in nature without leaving the city limits.

This place is a real “lung” in the city with a slice of wild flora and fauna.

Interesting facts

  • The area of the park is about 100 hectares and almost 99% of it is Lake Tabakeria.
  • The shores of the lake alternate between wild areas with fauna and flora characteristic of the area, landscaped shores, where it is so pleasant to relax, and abandoned areas.
  • Boat rides used to be common on the lake, but now only the abandoned and ruined steps by the water with the remains of rings for tying up boats remind us of this.
  • Tabacariei together with Lake Siutgiol belongs to the lake complex.
  • The lake has 3 small inland lakes and Love Island. The whole complex is united by various bridges.
  • The depth of the lake varies from 1.5 to 4.4 meters.
  • Excess water is discharged into the sea through a canal.
  • The main population of the lake are swans, otters, pelicans and wild ducks.
  • There used to be a lot of snakes, but now it is almost impossible to meet them.

Why Tabakeria?

100 years ago there were two hides and furs processing factories on the territory of the lake, which employed the population of Constanta.

tabacariei Japanese vase
Japanese vase in Tabakeria Park.

In 1896, the Small Tannery was founded, employing women and young men because of the cheapness of their labor. It was closed in 1898.

1880 г. – Big tannery was founded, now on its place there is a building of marine research station. But, unfortunately, the labor conditions at this factory were not the best. The workers’ skin on their hands eventually became as rough as the sheepskins they processed.

There are several interesting locations along the shores of the park

  • A large suspension bridge with a very nice view of the lake (photo).
  • A small stone bridge connecting the banks of a small inland lake overgrown with reeds. It was a great surprise to meet an otter under the bridge. It turns out that a family of otters lives in the reeds growing abundantly on the shores, and in the evenings these cute animals organize games and hunting in the water.
  • In the park closer to the city there is an excellent children’s location – a whole complex of playgrounds.
  • There are many birds on the shores of the lake: a family of swans with chicks, flocks of wild ducks, pelicans and fearless impudent seagulls strolling along the shore and picking up garbage from visitors.
  • A small zoo and a dolphinarium are located on one of the shores.
  • The food court from City Center faces the lake, so don’t be afraid to get hungry:)
  • Surrounded by pine trees is the beautiful wooden church of St. Mina (SFANTUL MINA). It was built in 1995-1997 by architect Nicolae Gogi. The highest tower of the church reaches a height of 43 meters and it is perfectly visible from different parts of the city.
tabacariei lake

Is it worth a visit to the park?

Yes! It’s a must, it’s a relaxing place for adults and kids will love it in Dwarf Country. You can just walk along the shore, or you can rollerblade/bike in Graviy Park. Or relax by the church where there are a huge number of benches.

I just don’t recommend going around the lake: the well-maintained shores are interrupted by an abandoned area where you risk getting dirty and tripping.

For me, relaxing in the park has become a favorite and enjoyable pastime.

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