Blue Lakes in Kamianske – a pit that became a resort

Blue Lakes Kamenskoye

If you are looking for a place to go to in the Dnipropetrovsk region and relax like a real resort, Blue Lakes near Kamianske is the place to go.

Where did the Blue Lakes come from?

The blue lakes near Kamianske have become popular in the last decade, although in Soviet times tourist bases were built near them and the area itself was used as a recreational site.

These lakes are not a natural formation, but an artificial one. Officially, this location is called the Yelyzavetivskyi quarry (because it is located in the village of Yelyzavetivka). In the early 1970s, sand was extracted here for the construction of the left-bank district of the city of Dniprodzerzhynsk. Today, the skyscrapers can be seen from any shore of the Blue Lakes.

blue lakes on a paid beach
Paid beach

The sand was mined so intensively that soon the groundwater started to flow and the quarry was flooded. After that, a new history began for the Yelyzavetivsky quarry or pit. A summer cottage was built nearby, and then campsites began to be built. This place immediately became popular with the residents of Dniprodzerzhynsk-Kamianskyi, and later with other residents of the region (especially Dnipropetrovs’k-Dnipro).

In fact, the Blue Lakes are one large body of water divided into two parts by a prominent piece of land, a spit. The area of the reservoir is 200 square meters. Around the lake there is a large forest, clean and pleasant air. The reservoir has no connection with the Dnipro or other rivers, so its water is clean, clear and has a blue and turquoise hue.

Like a real luxury resort!

Legends of the Blue Lakes

There is talk that the lakes were formed after an ancient river came to the surface, and when the river dries up, the reservoir will cease to exist. However, this theory is unlikely to be confirmed or denied.

And there is also an opinion that the lake is over 40 meters deep, making it one of the deepest reservoirs in the Dnipro region. And there is no bottom at all…. But this is also unconfirmed information – according to official data, the depth is only 20 meters. No more than that.

view of blue lakes

At the same time, they were also saying that there was an increased level of radiation and that it was not worth staying here at all, not to mention swimming and sunbathing. But this is also not true – the radiation background here is fine.

But the most important legend says that the lake does not freeze in winter and never blooms. Well, it can be true!

Ecology of the Blue Lakes

Although the area around the lake is relatively clean, and there are legends about its environmental friendliness and the fact that it never blooms, there are still some problems and they are growing every year.

Recently, the reservoir has become shallow and reeds have appeared. There is an increasing amount of algae in the Yelyzavetivsky pit, which rots and the water has an odor, and it turns from clean to swamp. It is believed that in a couple of decades the Blue Lakes may disappear, and locals are very concerned about this, so measures need to be taken to save this resort.

How and where to relax near the Blue Lakes

Beaches on the blue lakes can be divided into several zones.

Zone 1 runs along the road to Kamianske from Yelizavetivka. This is a large sandy strip. It is considered the Elizavetivka beach and in summer there is even a water park there.

The next place is a closed campground between Yelyzavetivskyi Beach and the pine forest. The pine forest itself is another location for recreation. But only wild – there are many cars in the forest and people with tents. If you go further towards Yelyzavetivka, it becomes less crowded and cleaner. Those who know these places rest here. Behind the pine forest, a summer cottage begins, and the coastal strip behind them is divided between several paid beaches. There are barbecues, bars, and houses that you can rent and live comfortably.

On the opposite side of the lake, there are several more landscaped areas and even a wake park. Between them and the paid beaches on the Elizavetivka side is a large area of forest and clean sand.

There are many wild places and unimproved beaches.

blue lakes on a wild beach
Wild Beach

What to do in the Blue Lakes

There is a lot of entertainment, and it depends on the location. You can do it here:

swim and sunbathe;

dance at a beach disco;

rent a hoe or kayak;

practice wakeboarding;

ride a scooter or banana;

to be buried on a catamaran;

cook a barbecue on the grill in the gazebo.

Paid beach at blue lakes
Getting to the Blue Lakes

You can get to the Blue Lakes in many ways, from Dnipro and Kamianske, from the rest of the region.

The fastest way is by car. From Dnipro, you need to drive along the left bank towards Tsarychanka on the new P-52 bypass road. Then, at the big junction to Loboikivka and Yelyzavetivka, turn left to Yelyzavetivka. From this point, drive to the exit from Yelyzavetivka. And then choose a place to your liking.

You can get from Dnipro by bus from both the bus station and the Dnipro Circus. You need to choose the bus that goes to the left bank of Kamianske. It’s the fastest way. When you pass Yelyzavetivka, ask the driver to stop and then walk to the lake or the desired beach.

From Dnipro by train. Take the Dnipro-Kamianske train route. It departs from the central station and arrives in Kamianske. Then you need to take a minibus #4 and get off before reaching Elizavetivka. Then walk to the lake on foot.

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