Czech hedgehogs bloomed in Dnipro on City Day


The 246th day of the city was celebrated in Dnipro. Against the backdrop of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, the usual celebration of the Day of the City of Dnipro was made adjustments. First, it was not as large-scale as before. For example, there were no fireworks and few outdoor events in the city itself. 

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On the other side – the concert and fair was held at the metro station, and there was an interesting performance on the main square of Dnipro – Heroes of Maidan.

How Czech hedgehogs were painted

The point of the performance was that children and adults, professional and not-so-professional artists painted Czech hedgehogs. These attributes of war can be seen in the city in every alleyway. However, this is no reason to be sad and depressed. That, in my opinion, is the idea, to make defensive weapons safe, to cheer people up and to give them an outlet for their energy during these difficult times for Ukraine and the city.

The Czech hedgehogs were painted on September 10, 2022. There were several teams of craftsmen who painted different patterns. The hedgehogs were not simple, but specially prepared. The surface is wider than usual hedgehogs and it was specially painted and polished, so that the paint would lay and hold well.

It was painted in the colors of the national flag, Petrykivka painting, patterns of Donbass, there was a sunflower – traditional for Ukraine, symbols of the Dnipro and Ukraine. And even painting with elements of Kherson watermelons, which the whole country is waiting for after the liberation of Kherson from the Russian invaders.

Many teams of artists, as well as journalists and passers-by took part in the action for the Day of the City of Dnipro in 2022.

After the event, the Czech hedgehogs will remain on the square for some time, then they will be sold at an auction and the money will be sent to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the whole, it was bright and inspiring. Dnipro will celebrate its birthday in a big way, but now we believe in victory and the Ukrainian army.

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