Galushkivka – Ukrainian Cossack farmstead, museum and ethno-hotel

с. Hrechane village. Halushkivka village

I am sure that many residents of Dnipropetrovsk region and its surroundings know about such a place as the Cossack farm Galushkivka. It has existed for a long time, and therefore it is highly recognizable and popular.

Nothing stands still and there are innovations here.

Excursion to the Cossack farm Galushkivka

In my opinion, it is better to come here during big events. Then the large territory of the Cossack farm seems not so deserted.

Kozak farm Galushkivka, Grechanoe
Stand with historical information

The territory here is large. Immediately from the highway, you can see huts with roofs covered with old technology. There are several of them here, and according to the organizers – all of them have stood for a very long time and can claim to be historical artifacts.

At the entrance there is a large parking lot, and the gate to the farm is guarded by two cannons (it is not clear whether they are historical or not). Further stands with the history of Galushkіvka and surrounding areas.

on the Galushkivka farm
On the territory of the farm in the village Grechanoe

There is a “shinok” (ukrainian tavern). Next to it is an old stove decorated with Petrikovsky painting (of course – next to Petrykivka) and further – space!

Petrikovsky painting in Galushkivka
Petrikovsky painting on the stove

Beautiful locations with hay and a well, tables and gazebos, artificial lakes with fish, reeds and even Red Book lilies of different colors. There is a tower, on which you can climb and look at the whole farm. There is an area for children, but only as it seemed to me with not quite children’s attractions – they are too rough.

Entertainment on Galushkovka

When you arrive at the Cossack farm Galushkovka, the first thing you are greeted by a Cossack and told what there is to do here. The first thing is archery, visiting a shinok, studying the history of the region in the Cross Museum.

You can shoot with both classic bows and crossbows. One shot will cost 10 UAH and before the shooting the guide will tell you how to hold the weapon and use it correctly.

galushkivka entertainment
Archery and crossbow shooting

When we walked around the farm, we saw landscaping with gazebos and braziers. Obviously, it is possible to have picnics and make kebabs here.

You can also have a snack in the chink, which is decorated in Ukrainian style and even the dishes here are not made of porcelain, but clay. You will have a traditional lunch of borscht and varenyky with compote to Ukrainian music.

Museum of the Cross on the farm Galushkivka

Next we go to see the Museum of the Cross. It is located a little aside in a classic house of a Ukrainian village of the XVII century. The museum has a lot of historical artifacts – things that were used by our ancestors.

There is everything here – an old stove on which villagers slept, weapons with which Cossacks defended their land, clothes, household items.

The artifacts in the museum are collected from a large historical interval – from the Russian Empire to the German occupation of Ukraine in 1941.

But initially the museum became famous for its large collection of holy Orthodox crosses. They are given a central place here. And in order to study everything, you need to come and touch them with your own hands.

It’s an incredible feeling to hold a story!

Ethno-hotel Galushkivka

On the Cossack farm Galushkivka you can not only walk around the territory, but also spend the night. There is a hotel with its own plot and yard. The house itself is also an old Ukrainian hut with old furniture and utensils inside. One night in the ethno-hotel costs 1500 UAH.

According to the owners of the farm, there is a demand for such a vacation and the hotel constantly has guests. There is good nature, clean air and such a vacation will be good for you.

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