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Hiking in the Ukrainian Maldives Vilnohirsk

It turns out that there is a real Maldives in the Dnipropetrovs’k region, only Ukrainian. These are not exactly islands, but the Vilnohirsk quarry, and here you can enjoy the great weather, take juicy photos and swim in clear, warm water.

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History of the Vilnohirsk quarry

In the early 1960s, a plant was built in Vilnohirsk to extract valuable ore using an open-pit mining method. To do this, sand was selected, passed through a technological process, and then the processed sand was thrown back. A quarry was formed in the places where the valuable material was taken, and embankments were formed where it was dumped, which now look like dunes.

Gradually, the quarry was filled with groundwater and atmospheric water, and in the days of independent Ukraine, not only locals but also people from all over the region and even Ukraine began to come here to relax and swim.

Hiking in the Ukrainian Maldives Vilnohirsk

The Vilnohirsk plant is still in operation, though not at the same level. Fine, clean and snow-white sand is still being produced. But the number of visitors is growing every year. A huge solar power plant has also grown up next to the plant.

Ukrainian Maldives in Vilnohirsk now

If you want to take cool photos and relax within the region (especially for residents of Dnipro), the Ukrainian Maldives at Vilnohirsk Quarry is a great option.

Ukrainian Maldives in Vilnohirsk
Sand in the “Maldives”

This is a large area with white sand dunes, bright sunshine, a field with fragrant herbs and green water. Just like in the real Maldives. The water is clean but muddy. If you swim in the lake, you won’t be able to see the bottom, the entry into the water is gentle, and the depth starts to drop sharply close to the shore.

water in the Ukrainian Maldives
Water in the Ukrainian Maldives

Photographers often come here to make a professional photo shoot – the dresses of gorgeous girls are fluttering in the wind against the backdrop of the dunes!

In total, there are three locations where you can relax. The first beach (I) is at the very beginning of the quarry and is the closest to the city. The water here is shallow and warm, clear and of a beautiful ruby color. You can find small fish and bird nests right on the islands on the water. Small fish are found in the small backwaters, and they are so small that there are no fishermen here.

the beach at the quarry in Volnogorsk
The beach

People are already resting on the second beach (II), they come here by car, set up tents, and cook barbecues in the open air.

There is also a third beach (III), which is a huge quarry filled with water. It has beautiful views, but no people because it’s hard to get to and has high banks.

beaches of the Vilnohirsk quarry

What to do in the Ukrainian Maldives in Vilnohirsk Sands

I’ll say right away that it’s only a vacation. There are no entertainments of civilization here. There are loners who offer to teach you how to windsurf or other water sports.

Legends of the Ukrainian Maldives

Since Vilnohirsk Iron and Steel Works was engaged in open-pit mining of titanium and zirconium, there were talks that the local sands were radioactive and dangerous to health. However, this is not the case. The radiation level here is normal and you can safely swim and relax in these places. Perhaps, such talks were started out of ignorance and fear.

How to get to the Ukrainian Maldives in Vilnohirsk

You can get to the quarry in Vilnohirsk by bus from any major city in Dnipropetrovska oblast. From the bus station, you can get to the quarry either on foot or by taxi.

You can also get here by the Dnipro-Piatikhatky train. To get to the quarry, get off at the 104km stop and walk to the quarry. The journey will take 15 minutes. If you get off at the Vilnohirsk station, it will take about 1 hour.

train schedule for volnogorsk
Schedule of trains to Vilnogirsk

If you are traveling by car, take the Kryvyi Rih highway and after Krynychky turn to Bozherarivka and Vilnohirsk.

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