Snail Park – the healthiest delicacies near the Dnipro, Ukraine

snail farm Dnipro, Ukraine

Every time I travel to a new location, I once again get proof that people don’t just create businesses and make money, but put a special meaning into them that benefits the entire community.

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Snail Park in Sursko-Mikhailіvka

The snail farm near Dnipro appeared only a couple of years ago. However, despite its small age, it is a large farm in its industry, which not only exports products abroad, but also popularizes Ukraine in the world and helps the people of its country.

Sursko-Mikhailіvka is located 45km from the Dnipro City towards Kryvyi Rih. Here is a farm that grows snails and sells them abroad (mainly to Spain). In addition, the snail farm organizes events for all those who want to learn more about snails, but also to taste real, ecologically clean snail meat.

Snail farm tour

Our acquaintance with the farm begins at the entrance to the territory. It is small and there are no special beauties here yet – everything is in the process of creation. For now, the owners are waiting for landscapers who are serving in the Ukrainian armed forces after the Russian invasion in 2022.

snail farm in sursko-mikhailovka
One of the photo zones at the snail farm

But despite this, the territory is clean and well-maintained, there are many photo zones for children and adults. There is also a large greenhouse where snails lay eggs in specially created conditions, and a field where snails grow from eggs into large individuals.

At the farm, friendly owners tell not only about the technological process of production and caviar from snails, but also share some secrets.

These secrets I won’t tell, so I recommend taking the tour:) It will be interesting for both adults and children.

During the snail farm tour we will be told how snails reproduce, how their eggs are prepared for maturation into small snails and for the production of a delicacy. How the snails go for meat. It is a very labor-intensive process and completely without mechanization. Everything is done by people with their hands, and by women – men simply do not have enough perseverance.

Reproduction of snails ravlyk park
Greenhouse for snail breeding

Snail meat and caviar are exported to Spain, where restaurants serve it as an expensive and exquisite dish and put a Ukrainian flag on the table – this is how restaurateurs support Ukraine during the war.

field where snails grow ravlyk park
There are snails growing in this field

Ukrainian restaurants do not yet match the level of snail meat – snail farm owners.

Snail meat tasting

After a tour of the greenhouse and field, a tasting is held. Snail meat, caviar and pate are served, and the meat is prepared with several flavors. The hosts tell you how to eat properly to get the most enjoyment and if you want more, you can order a lot of different dishes to go. All this costs a reasonable amount of money.

A dish of snail meat is called escargot (French for edible snail).

escargot snail farm Dnipro, Ukraine
Snail dish

If you didn’t make it to the farm, no big deal, you can call the phones and pick up your order in Dnipro.

After the tasting, it was the turn of the snail races. Children and adults were delighted as the snails competed with each other and there were even winners!

snail farm Sursko-Mikhailovka snail races
Snail race

Interesting facts about snails and Snail Park

  • Ravlyp Park exported 200 tons of meat in 2022;
  • Snail eggs must be processed within 2 hours of collection. Each egg is processed separately.
  • The snail is the only natural carrier of vitamin P;
  • Snail meat has zero calories and is fully digested by the body;
  • Snails are used to produce beauty products and to treat burns;
  • Meat and snail caviar are ecologically clean – it is strictly forbidden to use chemicals on the farm and to grow snails on “dirty” land.

How to get to the snail farm near the Dnipro River

Ravlyk Park Farm is located in the village of Sursko-Mikhailіvka, 45 km from the Dnipro. You can come here both by car and by suburban buses. The buses run from the bus station and the 12th quarter (DK Shinnik).

You can find the farm at the following address: Polevaya str. 55, Sursko-Mykhailivka, Dnipropetrovska oblast.

You reach the center of the village, and just after the church turn left, then straight ahead and take the second right. after that you will see a tall fence made of new boards, painted with brown paint and a banner on the gate “Ravlikova Farm” – Snail Farm.

snail farm Dnipro Ukraine
More photo area at the snail farm

As far as I understand, there are no regular visiting hours and one must either make separate arrangements regarding arrival or follow the announcement of events on the farm’s instagram page.

When I was at the farm, the cost of the tour and tasting left 450 UAH (this is taking into account the 20% discount). On normal days, the cost of a snail farm tour is 650 UAH.

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