Sounds of the City. How to hear an art object in Dnipro city?

3D visualization of city sounds art object

Walking along the embankment on the left bank in Dnipro city my attention was attracted by an unusual object – some interesting and strange shape, different colors. There used to be another installation in its place – a gift to the city from a metal company.

It turns out that that sculpture was removed to replace it with an art object called “Sounds of the City.”

3D visualization of city sounds art object
3D visualization of the city sounds

Sounds of the Dnipro City

“Sounds of the city” appeared on the embankment on the left bank of the city Dnipro for the 30th anniversary of independence of Ukraine. This is a unique in its kind art object, because you can not only see and touch it with your hands, but also…. listen to it.

That’s how it was meant to be. The very shape of the sculpture embodies the sounds of the city of Dnipro city. The 3D visualization of the city sounds are the hum of a rocket engine, the clatter of a freight car wheels, the noise of opening a parachute and the rattle of a Dnipro refrigerator.

Added to that were the hissing and clinking of street art cans, the running of a boat engine, the crackling of a campfire, the echo in the empty hall, the applause and loud laughter.

These are the sounds that Dnipro city is associated with. That’s right, because in Dnipro city they repair railroad cars, manufacture rockets and produce refrigerators. We have many sections on parachuting and the 25th Parachute Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is stationed in the region. There are also a lot of creative people and cultural events here.

The installation itself was created based on the visualization of these sounds. A special program created a model, which was executed in three-dimensional form. This is called 3D visualization of sounds.

Sounds of the Dnipro city can be listened to at the link or go to the site by qr-code.

Sounds of the City in Ukraine

“Sounds of the Dnipro city” is not the first art object of this kind. The idea arose to depict the sounds of different cities and regions – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Mariupol, Odessa and Crimea. In the future it is planned to cover all regional centers.

The first sculpture is dedicated to the Ukrainian Crimea. It is located in Kiev on Grushevskogo street 24/2 in the courtyard of the office of the Crimean Platform.

Dnipro is the third in this project. The second sculpture appeared in Odessa. It is installed at the Odessa airport.

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