Vintage-Garazh – museum of cars out of time in Dnipro

Vintage Garage in Dnipro museum of vintage cars

There are several retro car museums in Dnipro within a radius of three kilometers and each collection boasts a large number of exhibits. Some museums, such as “Time Machines” on Peremoga ave., are quite well-publicized and known to the citizens, which cannot be said about the new location, which I discovered only at the beginning of this year.

Vintage-Garazh or Garage Prokofiev was once a simple car wash and over time, next to the boxes where modern cars are serviced, a whole museum with cars that have no analogues in Ukraine and even in the world has grown up. It is not surprising, because Vintage Garage has received awards for the oldest cars in Dnipro for several years.

Retro Cars Dnipro, Ukraine
Museum of retro cars in Dnipro

A visit to the Vintage Garage retro car museum in Dnipro, Ukraine

When we enter the territory we are met by the hulks of old cars – some are already rusty and you immediately understand that these cars will never go, and some are painted with colored paints and there live cats – inside hay and feeders.

retro car - vintage garage in Dnipro
This is where the cats live

Next we enter the office. But only it is an unusual office of an ordinary service station, and a small cafe with a bar counter and antique things – already here begins the acquaintance with the museum. The tables in the cafe are old sewing machines, the walls are made of bricks with various stamps (probably they are also very old). There is an ancient grand piano in the corner and a disk phone hanging on the wall.

The cafe has a cat and a real fireplace with wood burning inside.

cat in a vintage garage in Dnipro

Entrance to the museum is paid, so we pay at the bar with the administrator and we are led to the box where the collection of cars is located.

The box is large and has three rooms, and in the farthest one there are the most beautiful and in my opinion the best preserved cars and motorcycles.

Garage Vintage Dnipro Car Show
1st exhibition hall

We are in the first room and there is a lot of stuff here. Cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, bicycles, jeeps from World War II. From all over the world. On the walls are old posters, photos, license plates and what not. There are even bicycles and car parts hanging from the ceiling.

Garage Vintage Dnipro Ukraine tour
The old motorcycle in the second hall

In the garage you can see German, Soviet, American motorcycles. The highlight of the collection is a BMW Dixi – the earliest production in good condition and on the move. The original Pobeda car of the first series of 1946.

BMW Dixi
BMW Dixi in the second hall

There’s also a photo area and a large corner shelf with books. You can’t touch the cars with your hands, sit in them, and you can make a photo only in the designated place (in the sense of contact with the exhibits).

vintage garage fotozone
Old cars museum photo zone

Further on there are two more halls. They are smaller, but even here are much more interesting cars and in good condition. I think that these cars are in working condition and they are regularly taken to exhibits and other events – photo shoots, for example.

The thought occurred to me that all these cars seem primitive, but once they were the achievements of progress of their time. That’s why they are kept – in memory of bygone years.

If you don’t take a tour, the whole collection in three boxes can be viewed in about 20-30 minutes. I can’t tell you how much time it will take for the owner of the collection to tell you about it.

History of vintage garage in Dnipro city

This museum opened in 2020 and was created by the Prokofiev family.

Where is the location and how much does it cost to enter the Vintage Garage?

Vintage-Garazh is located at the address 18K Panikakhi street, Dnipro. It is a car wash. The entrance is in front of the ring on Panikakhi Street on Topol-1, before reaching it to the right.

The cost for an adult 300 UAH, for a child – 50 UAH, there are discounts for military personnel and GPO. You can take an excursion. It will cost 1000 UAH.

Up-to-date cost information can be found on the museum’s Instagram page.

museum vintage garage

I would recommend visiting this place if only to see something new and different. For special fans, it would be cool to take a tour.

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