Anteaters and quotations of the greats – art alley in Dnipro city


On the Day of the City in 2022 in Dnipropetrovsk not only held a unique celebration of his birthday in the subway and painted czech hedgehogs, but also opened a new art location on the cultural map of the metropolis.

Art Alley “Dnipro Art Street” is the name of the art space; it is a long and narrow passageway between Troitskaya Square and Geroev Maidana Square (to the left of the building).

This place has been cleared out, murals have been painted, a canopy has been erected and lanterns have been hung, turning it into a creative space for artists and other creative people. Not surprisingly, the “Dnipro Art Street” artistic alley is located here – after all, the Museum of Ukrainian Painting and the Van Gogh Gallery-Café are next to the wall.

The alley is decorated with graffiti by Nina Ezhik, an artist from Kharkov. She left her hometown because of the war and now works in Dnipro. The artist depicted both locations familiar to citizens and drew a lot of anteaters. According to her, there are a lot of anteaters living in Dnipro. The girl showed her vision of Dnipro city and it turned out very cool!

I’ve never seen a live anteater in Dnipro, or even a painted one:)

Nina painted the Hotel Sail, the Menorah, the island with the waterfall, and other artists, sculptors and decorators also helped her.

The Art Alley has an opportunity for visitors to get creative as well. There is a marker at the entrance with which anyone can write a wish. 

There aren’t many people here yet, as residents don’t yet know that the passageway between the plazas is open and pass by.

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